DROPS Releases The First Locked Liquidity Marketplace

When DeFi developers launch token projects, it is common practice for them to lock their token’s liquidity for a fixed period of time. This ensures security within their community, allowing for greater confidence and conviction in the token. However, these tokens often “die” or are no longer traded long before the liquidity unlock date set by the developer. This phenomenon has led to 100s of millions of dollars remaining “stuck” in the locked liquidity of dead token projects. The DROPS Marketplace proposes a solution to the illiquidity of these frozen assets – One which benefits both the buyer and seller while simultaneously stimulating the DeFi economy as a whole.

DROPS proposes a decentralized, permissionless, peer to peer marketplace for buying & selling locked liquidity. In doing so, DROPS is accelerating the velocity of this locked capital, thereby stimulating the DeFi economy by allowing for the trade of 100s of millions of previously non-tradable assets to occur.

While token developers would previously have had to wait months or years in order to access the capital in their locked liquidity, this is no longer the case with DROPS. Through the DROPS Marketplace, token developers can list their liquidity at a discount, and receive their funds in a much more rapid fashion.

Buyers of locked liquidity also benefit substantially. By purchasing liquidity locks at reduced prices, buyers receive a guaranteed ROI simply by waiting for the unlock time!

The $DROPS Token is the native currency of the DROPS Marketplace, and is used primarily to buy & sell locked liquidity through the platform. Liquidity may also be bought and sold using $ETH, should the seller be willing to incur the associated 10% brokerage fee. No brokerage fee applies when liquidity is bought and sold in $DROPS.

20% of all token trading fees and 100% of ETH brokerage fees are used to benefit the $DROPS token and its holders. 100% of these collected revenues are used to market buy $DROPS, redistributing these purchased tokens as per the following breakdown:

40% to DROPS UNI V2 LP Providers:

These users are rewarded for the stability they bring to the platform and ecosystem, and for allowing the DROPS Token to become a more stable asset for use within the Marketplace.

30% to $DROPS Token Holders with Over 50,000 $DROPS:

These users are rewarded for the value they provide to the $DROPS Token, which subsequently allows for its use as an asset within the Marketplace.

10% to $DROPS Token Holders:

These users are also rewarded for the value they bring to the $DROPS Token, and its subsequent operability as an asset within the Marketplace.

20% Burned:

20% of all accrued platform revenues are used to buy and burn $DROPS Token. This allows for perpetual deflation and consistent increases in value for all $DROPS holders.

DROPS Links:

Website: https://drops.site/

Marketplace: https://app.drops.site/

Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/DropsERC

Telegram: https://t.me/DropsERC

Contact person: Snipe Ether

Company name: Drops

Website: https://drops.site/

Email: team@drops.site


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