Scenery Over Skin: Intrinsic Nature Scenes Instagram Flips the Focus from Figures to Foliage

Los Angeles, CA, 10th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, The new Instagram sensation, Intrinsic Nature Scenes (@IntrinsicNatureScenes), is rapidly gaining notoriety for its unique and satirical take on social media aesthetics.

This groundbreaking account is turning heads not for the beautiful women in its posts but rather for the frustration expressed over these individuals “obstructing” the view of truly captivating backgrounds.

Each post features an image where the stunning scenery and objects are the stars — be it ornate door knobs, plush chairs, breathtaking ocean views, or lush greenery. The catch? These wondrous sights are humorously ‘blocked’ by beautiful women, a satirical nod to the typical content of repository accounts that prioritize images of scantily clad models.

The captions are a key element of the satire. They reflect an algorithmically-generated dismay at the ‘interruption’ caused by the women, underscoring the supposed ‘inconvenience’ of human beauty obscuring the ‘real’ subjects of interest. It’s a narrative flip that has not only caught the eye of Instagram users but also sparked conversations about objectification and the often one-dimensional portrayal of women online.

@IntrinsicNatureScenes is a breath of fresh air, a lighthearted critique of social media’s sometimes superficial focus. By championing the inanimate and the environmental, INS playfully insists that perhaps we’ve been admiring the wrong subjects all along.

As the account grows, so does its message: appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of nature and the every day, often overlooked, objects that surround us. It’s a reminder to look beyond the obvious and find wonder in the uncelebrated.

Followers can expect a continual stream of these tongue-in-cheek posts that are sure to provoke thought, evoke laughter, and maybe — just maybe — inspire a shift in perspective. The INS account is not just about the images but about the idea that beauty can be a background feature rather than the main event.

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