Coin World: Pioneering Equality and Global Innovation in the Decentralized Landscape

Phoenix, United States, 26th Oct 2023, King NewsWire Coin World is more than just a decentralized protocol; it’s a global movement dedicated to advancing equality and fostering global innovation. The core mission of Coin World is to champion these values, altering lives through a steadfast commitment from a diverse community of developers, individuals, economists, and technologists. Together, we are rewriting the rules of access to the global economy.

Our Vision: Expanding Horizons, Empowering Lives

Coin World represents a beacon of transformation in a world seeking change. We are unwavering in our belief that every individual, regardless of background or location, deserves equal opportunities in the global economic landscape. Our decentralized protocol is not just technology; it’s a symbol of empowerment. It’s the gateway to financial inclusion, economic growth, and the realization of long-delayed dreams.

The Power of Unity: A Global Community

What sets Coin World apart is not just the innovation it promotes but the incredible global community that stands in solidarity. Our developers work passionately, individuals share inspiring stories, economists provide insights into a more equitable future, and technologists pave the way for groundbreaking possibilities. Together, we’re not just building a protocol; we’re weaving a tapestry of ideas and aspirations that transcends borders.

Guided Towards Self-Sufficiency

Our journey doesn’t end with innovation; it begins there. At Coin World, we don’t just manage and support our community; we nurture it, enabling it to thrive independently. We envision a future where the Coin World community becomes self-sufficient, a force capable of driving change, solving challenges, and redefining norms.

Coin World Concept: Be the Change

In a world that often divides, Coin World unites. We invite you to become a part of our narrative, a story that’s rewriting the rules and redefining possibilities. Whether you’re a coder, an individual with a vision, an economist shaping the future, or a technologist pushing boundaries, your presence enriches our community.

At Coin World, equality isn’t just a concept – it’s a reality we’re crafting, one innovation at a time. Together, we’re forging a path towards a more inclusive, more innovative, and more equal global economy.

Tokenomics: Information at a Glance

  • Launch Date: Upcoming
  • Network Information: Coin World (WORLD) is an ERC-20 Token on Ethereum Mainnet
  • Total Supply: 100.000
  • Fees: 0% Buy / 5% Sell (2% Liquidity / 3% divided into 2% for Genesis Passport and 1% for Global ID Passport)
  • Inflation: Up to 1.5% per year. Inflation may begin at the earliest after 15 years, with the inflation rate determined by protocol governance (default inflation rate = 0%).

Free WORLD Tokens Accumulation

Coin World plans to hold a Passport ID Genesis giveaway, where winners will receive weekly tokens in greater amounts than investors in the Global ID Passports line. These NFTs will be available after the Token World launch. Earnings between Passport IDs include Passport ID Global at 30 Tokens (WORLD) per week and Passport ID Genesis at 80 Tokens (WORLD) per week.

Passport NFT: Your Gateway to Limitless Rewards

Introducing Passport ID, the gateway to a world of tokens, innovation, and distinction. Each Passport ID offers access to weekly rewards, redefining your digital engagement.

A Weekly Gift of Tokens: GENESIS X GLOBAL

  • Genesis: Imagine possessing a digital marvel that’s not just exclusive but legendary. The Genesis Passport ID, limited to a mere 100 fortunate holders, is a masterpiece born from giveaways. Enjoy a token experience like no other, reflecting your unique status as a Genesis holder.
  • Global: For those who relish being a part of a vibrant global community, the Global Passport ID is your passport to belonging. Open to everyone, this NFT connects you with minds from all corners of the globe.

Be Rewarded Automatically

No need to claim your tokens – Passport ID makes your reward journey seamless.

Secure Your Passport to Rewards

Whether you’re among the select few with a Genesis Passport ID or a proud bearer of the Global edition, your journey begins with a statement of ownership and ends with a celebration of rewards.

DApp: Passport Connect

Introducing Passport Connect, a paradigm shift that empowers prospect to embrace the new digital era with confidence, convenience, and security.

Safeguard Identity and Privacy

Use Passport ID to securely log into websites, mobile apps, and cryptographic dApps without sharing sensitive personal data.

Secure Crypto-Wallet: Store, Send, and Transact

Streamlined interface, secure crypto-wallet for assets like WORLD, ETH, USDT, and BTC, and real-time transactions. Learn, Earn, and Trade through to Master the Crypto Universe where Efficiency meets empowerment while growing in the cryptocurrency world with ease.

Real-time notifications and gas-free transactions

Take advantage of real-time alerts, gas-free transactions, and Utilize Passport Connect to Take Part in the Digital Evolution by empowering, convenient, and private digital companion.

Giveaway Workflow: Passport Genesis ID Giveaway

Experience Coin World’s benefits and a chance to win a Passport Genesis ID. Unveil the potential that Coin World offers and celebrate the benefits. Stand a chance to be part of this exceptional journey.

How to Enter the Passport Genesis ID Giveaway

  • Ensure a minimum of $1000 worth of WORLD tokens in your account.
  • Complete the entry process by following steps on our giveaway page.
  • Unlock bonus entries for increased chances of winning.

Save the Date: Draw Details (UPCOMING)

Make a note of the draw date when we will reveal the 100 lucky Passport Genesis ID winners. Don’t pass up this chance to become a member of Coin World’s elite group. The secret to releasing incredible potential is the Passport Genesis ID. Enter right away to enjoy Coin World’s advantages and take part in this extraordinary voyage. For further information and updates, visit the following;

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