MetaAmazon: Your virtual shopping dreams have finally come true.

MetAmazon (AMZ) is a hyper-deflationary coin that operates on the Binance Smart Chain. It provides a store which has everything to fulfil your needs. The best part being,you can spend in crypto in the Metaverse store. It will take your shopping experience to the next level. There is another game changing feature being implemented, MetAmazon Drone through which you will also be able to deliver things anywhere and at any time. This is why we invented the MetAmazon concept!

The MetAmazon Platform represents the next frontier in which shopping takes on an entirely new dimension. There are situations when we are searching for a specific pair of shoes or any high demand article but we are not able to find anywhere…well the platform has taken care of that situation as well. You can search on the MetaAmazon Platform for the same and even try them on, and get a closer look! And if the Oculus stick is transformed into a glove, it may potentially replicate touch. You will also get your avatar which you can design and do shopping by testing everything on him. You can try on multiple outfits without having to physically be in a dressing room trying on the various items. Each holder will have the ability to build his own business and sell his own things. The MetAmazon Platform will feature distinct storefronts for each product category. 

MetAmazon is doing constant developments to inculcate Oculus with the shopping experience  in the MetAmazon. It will be among the most intriguing possibilities. This is why many fashion businesses are looking for ways to participate in the MetAmazon ambition to give more immersive and interactive experiences in real time. Shopping beyond space and time will enable total accessibility, allowing customers to peruse virtual stores, try on clothing in a 3D virtual fitting room, and even obtain a 360-degree perspective of how outfits seem. The customers will also have the possibility of obtaining consultations regarding beauty, skin care, try on accessories, eyewear, and makeup to see how they look and feel, among other things. 

There are several distinct phases of development for the project. For each phase, we must meet certain conditions in order to proceed to the next phase. The phases of MetAmazon begin with the token launch, followed by the development of the MetAmazon Platform, etc. The first five phases of the MetAmazon are outlined in full in the MetAmazonPaper (See MetAmazonPaper for information), and it is anticipated that these phases will be completed within the first year of the project. The subsequent phases of MetAmazon will be designed in collaboration with the community. 

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